Tuesday, 11 July 2017

DailyFlash: Time to sleep

Like daddy before, who always said it was best to let the poor souls rest in peace and free up resources for those who really needed it, it was time to get to work again. He was a hospital janitor, my daddy. Washing the halls with his mop by night while the oldens slept. Used to say he was the corridor horror, for jokes. But that didn't stop the papers taking it literal. The Corridor Horror will never strike again, ran the headlines after he was caught.

Well, like daddy, like daughter, I suppose. It was time to put this poor soul out to pasture. The mop bucket sloshed as I kicked it into the janitor's cupboard one last time, catching a glimpse of my irradiated baldness in the mirror before switching off the light.

I gently pushed on the door of room 5 and whispered, "What do you say, old timer? Wanna join me?" He slept peacefully, face bathed in a soft yellow din that my shadow darkened as I stood over him. "I need to borrow this," I said, pushing an air bubble into his IV and watching it travel calmly, innocently, down the tube and into his hand.

"May God have mercy on our souls." I pulled the intravenous needle from his hand and found the pulsating vein in mine - they always have been prominent - and inserted it. I sat on the armchair beside the bed, trying not to cough. I felt blood in my mouth. The Lord's Prayer muttered under from my struggling lips as my blood became filled with air.

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