Friday, 14 July 2017

Fiction into Art: Eltish Vale

The latest piece of awesome artwork to be created from my text is The Eltish Vale. Loving the colours below.

Artist: Eduardo Vieira

A full tutorial for this image can be found in issue 4 of GRAPHITE magazine.

“After a day spent trekking through dark forests and fighting off
giant spiders, it was down-time for the adventurers. They set camp
next to the hot springs of Eltish Vale and stretched their limbs,
placing helmets on stakes and shrugging armor from shoulders.
The elf watched on disapprovingly as the dwarves bounded into
the lake, shedding layers, while the halflings unburdened the cart
of its ale cask. The wizard used his staff to create a campfire, and
in its glow a hog roast slowly turned. And in the darkness of the
trees a creature lurked, firelight flashing dark intent in its eyes.”

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