Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Book Preorder: Hereafter & Other Short Stories

Exciting news, folks. You can now preorder my upcoming collection of short stories. You know you want to! Here's some links:


The release date is the 25 August. If you do grab a copy - THANK YOU! Please remember to add a review, for better or worse, as these are the indie author's lifeline!

Discover how the boys grew into men forever influenced by the suicides of the Lisbon sisters. How the Frontier is transformative for a group of modern families. How sometimes the urge to strip to your birthday suit is a force you have to release. How even Big Brother can be murdered, and how easy it is to tie yourself up in time. Finally, discover what happens when possessions own you. 
Take the journey through an eclectic array of short stories designed to make you think and wonder.

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