Wednesday, 31 May 2017

DailyFlash: The Forever Legion

The underworld stinks; everything is slick and slimy and reeks, fetid and mould-ridden. Creatures cross-breed with such voraciousness that ghouls and goblins and golems are one confusing mismatch of enemies; attacking and dying by my sword as I swing and slice my way to their purest masters, splattering their blood up the green walls, leaving a trail of limbs behind me. The true-breeds on their thrones of bones await: the true-masters of the world, manipulating the strings from their dungeons. I can never stop until they are all laid to rest, their dead hearts in my hand. These twisted reptiles with their cold blood. I see them now in their vaulted cavern, sitting there, a mountain of egg spawn piled like caviar on a spoon behind them that reach to the chandelier of candles. So many, translucent green masses writhing within the slippery shells. So many children.
     "We are forever legion," the true-breeds say in unison. "We will always go on."

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