Friday, 19 May 2017

DailyFlash: Dead Little Lamb

She cowered in the basement of skeletons, the teeth of jawbones digging into her lower back, but she dared not move. Papa was mad at her. She could see the pleading eyes of the little lambs now - she'd been a bad girl, feeding them a little bread and water. A little hiding was coming her way.
     Light exploded from the top of the stairs. A rectangle of rain and the black stench of his silhouette, tossing one of the little lambs down where it landed, a dead-weight thud crunching on bones. A pair of glasses fell from the little lamb's face.
     "I know you're down there, little missy." His voice was flat. "Come up and see papa."
     He left and the full light of the grey sky shone down and raindrops fell where mud and bone were mixed. She looked at the little lamb's face, mouth bloated with bread and eyes bulging. "Little lamb needed feeding."

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