Thursday, 18 May 2017

Book review: Hallow Mass by JP Mac

With overtones of William Peter Blatty’s humorous dialogue style, Hallow Mass is irreverent, self-deprecating and amusing – a paranormal novel with a personality. 
I’ve stumbled upon another enjoyable indie-read, and the most polished I’ve read to date – you can tell it’s been passed by the professional eyes of an editor or two. Hallow Mass is set in world slightly off-centre to ours: one in which wizards and spells exist, but in a humorous twist, are treated like paranormal hokum reduced to the cobwebs of the Antiquity Section of the fictional, ultra-PC Miskatonic University. The University itself appeared in Lovecraft’s The Dunwich Horror, and Hallow Mass follows the occult theme by exposing the horrors of Dunwich and the terror they wish to expose to the world.

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