Friday, 28 January 2011

Classwork: Week 2: Childhood Memory

I kept blacking out, or at least it felt like that as there were sometimes what felt like hours between opening my eyes which were shut tight. And when I did open them it was all a blur. I think my sight was going bad by then, but the lady in blue was too near, I should've been able to see her properly, but I couldn't. Too many tears, they weren't even like teardrops anymore; it was just my eyes drowning in salty water, as I lay there looking up at shapes and colours, the daylight forcing its way in through the net in the window.

I couldn't see mum. She must've been behind me. I felt her holding me down though; I could only feel two things: her hands on my shoulders and the pain. I daren't look down. All I did was scream and throw my head around. If I screamed loud enough maybe the lady in blue would stop.

When my screaming stopped it just went black; a whiteness of pain down there, my throat sore... then darkness.

When I woke, mum was kissing me. I still hurt, but it was back to the normal hurt - not the changing-of-the-dressing kinda hurt.

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