Saturday, 20 November 2010

More Than I Am: Song Lyrics


When I look at you
I see reflections of myself mirrored in our lakes
And though I know I’m missing the genes of love’s arms race
I’m evolving under you
Into the vaguest of human shapes

Your bed may be great
But in truth it’s nothing without you in it
And though I know my life ain’t perfect
Like a drought in a lake state
It may be less without you in it

I see so much in your smile
Our potential in how you reserve time for me
And though I know I must reel my meanderings in
The elastic’s stretched a mile
I still find myself falling


You make me more than I am
You are the light in the dark of my restless sleep
When the waves of my heart are buried deep
You make me more than I am
More than I am

When the world’s knocking me with its battering ram
And it’s hard for me to give a damn
You make me more than I am
More than I am

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