Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Flooding Out The Sin

From yonder Eden spread the world;
the roots of peace and harmony
spun rotting webs beneath the earth
and poisoned soil, crops and lakes.

Good Noah bathed in water of the sky,
ate the flesh of healthy herds
and walked on holy lands of grass
in valleys ripe with rainbow arcs.

Elsewhere, the brothels bulged with sex
and men who drank water from the lakes
walking in fields of debauched crops,
their blood diseased with stink of sin.

An enwombed seed spurted to life
and brought a child to bear upon the world.
At age of four in all that joy
she splished and splashed in puddling rain.

She splished and splashed some more
until her feet were off the floor.
Her hands were tied by the hands of God
and she splished and splashed no more.

Good Noah, the one and only,
sailed by her floating corpse,
hooked her in his fishing net
and fed her to his bears,

so in pairs of beds of diseased trees,
in twos and twos their sighs rang out,
the brothel-Ark shook from side to side,
a whorehouse of burning hides.

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