Saturday, 13 November 2010

The Chamber

There were two smiles like something bright
in the dark of our pairing parts,
an horizon glittering glorious in starlight
of wolf-eyes drifting slowly apart
till twilight blinded our hearts,
and in the confines of our castle walls,
fell deflated, stalled in pools of bloody bricks.

It was because your smile crooked left
while the signpost at my intersection pointed right,
bereft of reins; that our roads left
and acquiesced under assaulted sites
of eye-patch heights,
a-crumbling, teetering, my battlement failing
against the torture of your misting upturned lips.

I fell from light to the torture chamber,
a basement of abasements and cruel machinery,
blood-rust vices framed my heavy heart's harbour,
and as your melody span scents and imagery
from our life's menagerie,
they squeezed the salent sponge of all its pain
which drip drip dripped to the gutter of my hips.

While your melody plays its devil dance
the vice will continue its stubborn stance;
there is no beat in which I can move,
no breath, no life or day-lit love;
You must stop your tunes mystique
for a staircase slanted high,
for breath inside my lungs, so that I can ride away.

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