Thursday, 31 August 2017

DailyFlash: Paint the Playground Red

Years of school playground games of tag, football kickabouts, rounders and training, and we're finally ready for the real thing. A lottery selected the two captains: Jerry and Samantha - two mid-grade players at best, now taking turns to choose their teammates. Friendships mean nothing at this point: Jerry's best friend is Mark, but he can't shoot for shit and his weapon of choice is a Samurai sword; lethal, for sure, but not when looking down the dark end of a barrel of lead.
     "Felix," says Jerry, meeting his eyes gravely. Felix, the sharpshooter, smiles and joins ranks.
     "Samantha, your turn," says the Sergeant.
     "I..." she looks at Melissa, her hands and voice shaking. After a swallow she looks away, looks down, and says, "Jason."
     Jason, all six-foot-seven of him, strolls with long strides to stand behind Samantha.
     Uniformed, we are picked, one-by-one, and then given coloured bibs to distinguish the teams.
     "Now go," says the Sergeant. "Team Red, go west. Team Blue, go East. Find your HQs. Find your supplies. You have thirty minutes, and when the klaxon sounds, it's time. Last team standing wins."

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