Friday, 1 September 2017

DailyFlash: Monolith

The gravity was heavy underfoot as I climbed the incline to get a better view. Boy, was it spectacular. The ancient alien monolith even more mysterious against the backdrop of undulating, barren hills, punctuated by faux-cacti and shrubs. It glistened irregularly, humming audibly; I could feel its vibrations in my fingertips. The shadow of its tall pillar stretched taller still, a thick black block of darkness reaching for the hills, as though running from the sun. It was happier, more at home, in darkness I sensed.
     The dusty ground at my feet began to move; slowly, the tiny grains of sand, stone and dirt rolling around my boots and between my legs and away from me, in ever increasing swells, towards the now-blinking light of the monolith. Not a breath of wind whispered in my ears. It was pulling me in. It was pulling everything in.

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