Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Long time no see! A Life Removed finished.

Feels like months since the last post, but it's only a couple weeks. Some upheavals and other things getting in the way! I did find time to finish A Life Removed by Jason Parent however - it was pleasantly surprising, one of those books that got better and darker the more I read. A crime novel, it started mildly formulaic with your good cop/bad cop detectives, beat cop, and ritualistic murders, and I was even left wondering at one point if I should be rooting for anyone. In the end, I quite enjoyed the storyline that unravelled, and how morality lines were blurred within some characters. Not sure where I'd rank it yet in my top 10 indie reads, maybe after I've done the Cultured Vultures review I'll be able to settle.

I have a crazy amount to catch up on! Seems the blog is being linked from a variety of places now, meaning I'm getting more traffic and more review requests. All good, but please bear with me!

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