Friday, 16 October 2015

Friendly debate

How do you debate with a UKIP supporter who says Corbyn is an extremist? 

"You can't give what you don't have." It's the same old excuse. I'm sure if we wanted another war we could find the funds for that. Enough with the breaks to the rich already!

"Labour left us with a country that was bankrupt." That one. Not directly Labour's fault, as previously mentioned in my earlier blog.

The continued focus on past issues also ignores the fact there is now a new leadership who would do things differently; more socialist, with an emphasis on those who can afford to give more, helping to establish a greater distribution of wealth. That, and the actual facts of the cause of the recession make all these arguments a moot point.

If it's so important to make cuts, then there is a fair way to do it, and an unfair way. There are those in this country (or 'abroad' if operating through tax loop holes) who can afford the cuts, and those that cannot. The Tories are giving breaks to the former, while breaking the latter. Who suffers? Children and the vulnerable, of course.

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