Sunday, 27 March 2011

Dark Matter

Between your mass and mine
                                                          space bends
              pulls our galaxies into each other

              dark matters
in the oceanic space on the curve
somewhere over the
                                      tides of Atlantic
                              as we near.
                                                      And soon

our light will dim,
                                 soon it will vanish,
                                  as I watch,
a light too far away to reach our points
the constants of birth death
dialling ever
                        to its face of general theory,

relatively, we are bound to
and bound to come

but two galaxies coming into one will brighten,
a billion suns like a billion butterflies,
worlds of you, worlds of me,
a new orbit
                      of new constellations
a-breath with temporary nova-light.

                                                                       And life,
for life’s bright sake
                                      in our evolved state;
our speck of introverted Universe
that will die as all others,
                                                  but shine and shine in life.

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