Novel: Neon Driver


A murderer? A vigilante? A nameless assassin? No-one really knows who he is, or why he does what he does. They just call him the Neon Driver.

It's the year 3016 and cities have all but swallowed the countryside. Homes are industrial skyscrapers that tend to tenants' every need.

In an age where quantum memory and virtual reality render so many chair-bound, the Neon Driver yearns for the smell of gasoline, to see the road flash by and the lights of the ever-on neon in the puddles.

He yearns for destruction. For blood. For death.

Art / Graphic design competition

I would love to be able to afford to hire an artist to create some amazing, cool, cyberpunk-style artwork for this, but alas, I am poor. Maybe the promise of credit and 5 free hard copies of the book would be enough?

I'm opening up a competition which won't close until the final book proof has been made: design me a book cover that you think would match well with this story, or even just artwork in general that I could use to adorn a website, and I will post you 5 hard copies of the finished book. Email me submissions or questions to

Artwork and covers I love:

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